Inspire and train young amateur wrestlers to become Champions on and off the mat;
Develop one of the best wrestling clubs at the State, New England and National level;
Provide every member the opportunity to learn, and improve in the sport of wrestling technically, physically, and mentally;
Instill in our members: respect, responsibility, hard work, dedication and the ability to make proper decisions for themselves in the sport of wrestling and in their community.

Welcome TO THE CLUB!


The Silverback Wrestling Club was founded in October 2005.  The Silverback Wrestling Club evolved from what was previously called the Windham Wrestling Open Mats.  The Open Mats started in the mid-1980s and were held twice a week.  The Open Mats were overseen by the Windham Recreational Department, and were held in the Windham High School gym, the Middle School gym, and the Kramer School gym.  These open mat practices were just that, wrestling mats available to any wrestler in the area.  For two hours, twice a week wrestlers came to the Open Mats to improve their wrestling ability.  A small group of adult wrestlers and coaches supervised the Open Mats.  A great deal of gratitude is owed these men for they helped to improve not only hundreds of youngsters and young adults wrestling ability, but more importantly, their lives as a whole.  These men kept kids off the streets and instilled positive characteristics such as hard work, discipline, respect and responsibility for one’s actions. These characteristics are still employed in each of the Club's wrestlers today, nearly 20 years later. 

The Silverback Wrestling Club is a sanctioned USA Wrestling Club